What’s NEW & Upcoming: ‘Oh Ceramics!’ May 12 – July , 2017 Esplanade Art Gallery, Medicine Hat, Alberta


Section of wall installation: ‘The Tension Between Freedom and Belonging’. Porcelain & graphite for ‘Oh Ceramics!’.


This 9 tile piece in the shape of a wreath of butterflies represents my experience of immigration to Canadaprocess March 2017

I immigrated to Canada in 2002 in search of freedom to create my own art; this country has enabled me to expand as a person and as an artist/maker. However, along with that freedom there has been an inevitable confusion around the idea of ‘belonging’. England, where I was born, is in my blood and my imagination. It has formed my identity.
The wreath symbolizes the ‘small death’ that I and many who leave their homeland experience: bereft of my native landscape; friends and family; a passing of the life that I might have had.

The butterflies represent serendipity and joyful freedom – but they are very lightly tethered by graphite lines (that can be removed), illustrating a tension. The debossed butterfly imprint suggests what is left ‘back home’ when a person emigrates.

The ‘tension’ is where I live – a kind of ‘inbetweendom’.
Ultimately the piece asks “Are the butterflies free?”


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