Cabin Vibe 1 litre jug


1 Litre Jug, slip cast porcelain.

Height 7 1/4″ x 4″

Available Jug colours: white; dark teal; pale yellow; pale blue; Oyster grey.

Inlay detail available: star; cross; lines; #1

All jugs available plain (without inlay details)

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NEW: Cabin Vibe 1 Litre Jug: beautiful objects; perfectly functional.

Shown above: pale blue 1 Litre jug, white glazed top; dark teal cross inlay.


Top to bottom: yellow 1 Litre jugs: white glazed tops – pale blue cross inlay; pale blue star inlay.

White 1 Litre jugs: dark teal star; dark teal ‘volume’ inlay ‘1/2’ and ‘1’.


Left: dark teal 1 Litre jug, creamy white glaze top with white cross inlay. Right: Oyster grey 1 Litre jug, creamy white glaze top dark teal inlay.